There are many types of storage and pricing can vary based on the kind of storage you may need.  It is good to know what kind of storage you may need, some items need to be temperature regulated, others closed containers. With so many types of storage how do you know what kind you may need? Below are all the diffrent types of storage and reasons why you may need one and not another.

Temperature controlled storage maintains a constant temperature of between 55–80°. This is good for items that need a insulated area to keep them from damaging due to a severe hot or cold atmosphere.

Sealed, or vaulted storage is also an option if you have items that you would like sealed away for awhile. The enclosed storage can be as small as youd like and can get as big as a car crate or bigger.

Another variable to take into account when selecting a self storage facility is scurity. Security measures vary with each location according to the facility policy.

After you have an idea of what kind of storage you need find out what the going rate is for that unit and see if they have any kinds of specials. Insurance can also be added to the unit in case of any kind of mishap.

Now you have the right unit, based on the size, type, temperature, and insurance, if needed. You can safely say you dont have to worry about your items for a while.